My GS Password Reset Self-Service - For Students

##For Students To reset your password, please follow the steps below: **Step 1** - Go to the MyGS web portal self-service page at: - From here, you can find your username, reset your password, and look up your Eagle ID. ![Picture1]( **Step 2** - Click “Forgot Password?” and you will be presented with the following: ![Picture2]( **Step 3** - Follow the directions, and provide the information. Your password will reset back to your Eagle ID. Your username will stay the same. - If you do not know your username/MyID, please go back to Step 2 and click “Forgot Username?” and you will be presented with the following: ![Picture3]( - To find your username/MyID, fill out the information requested. Note: If you have forgotten your Eagle ID, click [“Eagle ID Lookup”](
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