How do I submit a student's In-Progress Quiz in Folio?

To Submit a student's In-Progress Quiz in Folio Go to Assessments at the top then click “Quizzes”. In the list, find the quiz where the student is unable to submit, and click the arrow next to it. Select Grade. On the “Grade Quiz” page, be sure to change the “Restrict to” field to “Users with attempts in progress,” and then click the magnifying icon above (next to Search For:). Find your desired student and next to their attempt, and click on the icon next to “(in progress)”. This icon will allow you to enter the quiz as the student. A confirmation screen will pop up. Click “Yes”. Scroll to the bottom of the quiz, and click “Go to Submit Quiz”. On the next screen, confirm your quiz submission by clicking the blue “Submit Quiz” button. On the final confirmation screen, click “Yes, submit quiz”. You will be taken back into the Quiz List page, and your student should have a completed attempt now.
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