What is a ticket? Is it the same as a request?

A ticket is a technical synonym we use for questions or requests.

ITS uses tickets to track requests, issues, and tasks.
This system is how we prove how and when work was performed.
We also use this system to look at trends over time.

Why enter a ticket versus emailing my friend in ITS directly?
If your friend is at lunch, out sick, or on vacation, your inquiry may not get a timely response. Individuals in IT specialize in their areas so a field technician may not know the answer to a Folio question and vice versa. The entire department can access your ticket, however, only your friend can access their email. Our business process ensures that requests are routed to the appropriate area so you do not have to worry about finding the right person.

How do I enter a ticket?
Click the New Ticket button at the top of this page to get started.

What information does ITS need in a ticket?

  • We need to know... 
    • Who you are?
    • What is going on specifically that needs attention?
    • When is this needed?
    • Where the issue is located?
    • Why do you believe this issue may be happening?
    • How can we either reach you or the issue that needs action taken?

Example of a good ticket:
"New copy machine delivery next week:
My name is GUS, the school mascot. I am located on the sidelines at the football field in Statesboro. My department will be receiving a new copy machine in a week that will be installed on the sidelines. I have placed a sign where we will like the device to go there is already a data port in there. I will be free the entire day and the vendor is expected mid-morning. You can reach me by phone or email. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me."

Example of a bad ticket:
someone got here an hour ago to deliver a printer. -G"