Why are students missing from my course in Folio?

##For Faculty If students are missing or disappear from your course, please check the following: 1. If classes have not started yet and students are missing from your course, there may be a problem with the Banner real-time integration. Please open a ticket with the service desk, and a Folio admin will assist. 2. During the first week of classes, students will appear and disappear from courses automatically as they add and drop courses. Due to the volume of enrollments being processed, the courses may not update immediately during this period, but they should process within the same business day. 3. If a student is marked “Not Attending” in attendance verification, he or she will be removed from the Folio section. If this happens mistakenly, you can add the student back by updating his or her attendance verification. 4. Part way through the semester, students who have not paid all tuition and fees will be removed from courses. To restore access in Folio, students will need to work with the Bursar’s Office to resolve the issue.
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